Introduction to The Society saga and Warning about its content

19 Mai


Introduction to The Society saga and Warning about its content

What is The Society?

The Society is a saga composed of 10 erotic novels. I chose this generic term because The Society is the common theme, the only common point in all the stories that are part of the saga , even if many of its heroes will follow you in your successive readings .

Behind each of these different stories , I’ll reveal its existence (T1), its creation (T2), its functionning (T3, T4 and the following tomes), its creators’s and some of its members’ identity (from T1 to T9).

I was careful about the succession of odd numbered tomes, which are a bit more erotically intense, and even numbered tomes, which are softer, because their aim is to reveal more information about the behind the scenes of the secret organization. In the last ones, I priviledged the plot which will lead to the end of this story and I encourage readers to pay attention to a few small details which will progressively give you all the keys .

That’s why I immediately created a big difference between the first tome , the most scandalous, and the second tome, the most conventional in the whole saga. I hope you’ll find among these 10 novels the tome that will perfectly suit your personal tastes. It’s really my main purpose.

To those who would be discouraged after reading the first tome , I remind you I did for you a small memento in the « Who’s who » index , which will allow you to collect information on the characters so you can start the saga with the second tome.

Warning about the content of the books :

The novels I wrote are erotic fictions for a grown up and well informed audience and my aim is only to entertain my readers

Any resemblance to actual events, places or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and unwilling.

Generally speaking and for all the stories belonging to this collection, the author disregarded many moral , religious or deontological rules.

Thus these stories might hurt some people’s sensitivities

Traduction : Aurélie

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