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21 Mai

The Society – The Characters
Traduction : Aurélie 

I made a list of the main characters in the saga.

As you’ll read the novels, you’ll meet new ones but their roles are not very important so they don’t deserve any particuler attention. I didn’t mention the network’s staff on purpose since I created a special index and you can find it in the previous article Finally , instead of telling you who is member and who is not in The Society , I’d rather give you the list of characters as they appear in the books.

If you want to discover if they belong to this mysterious organization, you know what you must do…..


Tome 1: Between the Two of Us?

Mickaëlla VALMUR, 27, philosophy teacher in the St Haymard high school. Henri Valmur’s widow , a writer and philosopher * The high school’s name isn’t mentionned in « Between the Two of Us ». It was mentionned in another tome. I thought it would be great to give you this name.

Henri VALMUR, 64, writer and philosopher. He died 2 months before the beginning of the story .

Samuel FORGEAT, 35 , math teacher in St Haymard high school. Father to be for the 3rd time

Michel MOREL, 56 , headmaster of St Haymard high school. Self-interested, in every sense of the word

Jacques DUIVEL, 51, one of the CEOs of an important luxury cosmetics company.Mysterious, in every sense of the word too.

Éléonore DUIVEL, 48, internationnaly renowned « nose ». Refined, elegant, discreet….don’t trust this description… .

Aléxis DUIVEL, officially 17… off the record he is older. Officially a high school pupil ,… off the record he seems to be more gifted than his mother. There are many particular information on this character but I’ll let you discover it by yourself.

Julia SIMON, 18 , high school pupil. Teaching Instrument .

(In tome 1, you’ll come across Charlotte, Mickaëlla’s housekeeper, George, the essential butler in the Duivel family and finally a man named Lucas, who is still shocked as we are speaking)



Tome 2 : Mission Azerty.

Hermine DALAMBRAY, 22 , she studies journalism. Wants to be called Mina to refer to the female character in Stocker’s Dracula.

Marion, 23, she studies journalism too. Mina’s bestfriend.

Laurence (her aunt) I’ll refer to it later in the family section.

Paul PEYRIAC, 67 , retired publisher. A reborn Machiavel . Béatrice’s widower for 2 years, she was born Countess De Domfort, she was 5 years older.

Alain, 24, he studies journalism. Sex friend

Mathieu DESHAMEL, 59 , Journalist and headmaster at the journalism school. Partner in crime

Pierre PEYRIAC, 44 , current CEO of the eponymous publishing company , divorced from Mathilde, his son’s mother, Canadian. Remaried to the discreet Véronique.

Patrick LUILLIER, 60 , TV presenter of a famous literary show on a national channel. He’ll be back in the fifth tome.

Philippe PEYRIAC, 24, law student in Montreal. he looks like his grandfather.

Kaitlin RICHARD, 18 , Canadian student. She can’t stand alcohol very well. DALAMBRAY & Cie Family.

To make things easier I gathered all the information here. Mina’s father and mother, except when I refer to them as mummy or daddy, I didn’t give them a proper name.

Mina’s aunts, uncles and cousins :

Laurence, 47 , Mina’s favourite aunt, governess for Paul Peyriac. Single and proud to be.

Nicoletta and Gabriel have 2 children: David and Valentine. Hélène (the youngest) and Gérard have 4 children : Tristan, Lilian, Constant… et the last one, Cassandra aka Cassis, due to Burgundy .

In tome 2, you’ll come across , Bernard, Paul Peyriac’s gardener and handyman.



Tome 3 : À votre service

Pascaline VILLERS, aka Cali 26 , head housekeeper in a shabby hotel. Her father is a IT engineer and her mother owns a small restaurant, she has 3 brothers who are respectively 24, 21 and 17.

Daphné LEFEVRE, 26 , occasional barmaid. She is both talkative and bold.

Renaud FRECOURT, in his sixties, judge. Married to Catherine FRECOURT. We’ll talk about him in tome 4

Benjamin DAUTUN, in his fifties, Hotel Lutz manager. he constantly wants to please the DUIVEL family.

Daniel SITRANGE, 37 , businessman . A « wolf » with sharp teeth… and much more.

Clémence LANNIER, about 20, model. Diamonds are her best friends.

William, 28 , Daniel SITRANGE’s intern. Young and cocky

Guislaine LEMARCHANT, 60 , business woman, manager in a luxury naval company. La Gorgone

Gérard DUCRAY, Mme LEMARCHANT’s youngest brother. He runs a SME. Lustful

Gérald DUCRAY, son of Gerard DUCRAY Sr, 22 , business school. Fond of tennis.



Tome 4 : La gardienne de l’omega

Lou-Anne MESNIL, 26, the Omega guardian. A chameleon… she can change her name or her looks.

Odile VANESTRE, 24 , Law student. Not touchy.

Armelle, 34 , personal secretary in ALA. Really Pregnant and proud to be.

Anne LENOIR, 48, agent. The Brain behind ALA.

Kévin GRANVILLE, 22 ans, model. Mister March.

Liam LENOIR, 26 Musician. DJL If you have the impression to find less characters in this fourth tome it’s due to the fact I didn’t put the ones I already mentioned .

So the whole DUIVEL family is back, Paul Peyriac and some Lorenzo you met in the previous tome. You’ll also come across judge FRECOURT (tome 3) and his wife, Catherine, a shoemaker nicknamed Goldfinger, an accountant named Angélique, a PR named William, a boyfriend named Fabien, and even a Minister.


Screenshot 2015-05-06 at 08.08.09

Tome 5 : L’inspiration d’Émeraude

Emmanuelle TRAVEL, 28 , writer of erotic novel. Known as Émi or Émeraude according to the situation

Stéphane BEAUMONT, 31 , executive in a bank. Overworked or underworked according to the time .

Yann LE BREUIL, 32 , star writer for the Peyriac publishing house, he is prococative and we love hating him.

Louise SPERKLING, 43 , literary agent. A Dragon lady under cover .

You’ll come across, Mina, Paul and Philippe Peyriac, Lou-Anne Mesnil and Liam Lenoir, a friend named Cécile, Patrick Luillier the TV presenter you discovered on the second tome, Madame and her 9 lovers, one Castafiore, breeders of strange animals, and even…a former minister !!

A special mention to the Brasserie « la Coupole » which I used for some scenes . I’ll come back later with great pleasure.


Tome 6 : La fille du Boudoir

Isabelle MARLE, 27, The Boudoir manager

Josée, 49, Isabelle Marle’s personal secretary in the Boudoir.

Sarah, Jennifer et Louise, brown haired, blond haired ou red haired…your choice, in turns or at the same time.

Loïck DEHAIS, 31, architect.

Gwen, 21 , sex girl friend.

Ludovic DEHAIS, 23 , upcoming manager of the Hôtel de la Côte.

Pierre and Laurence DEHAIS, 58 and 56 , Loïck and Ludovic’s parents and current managers of the hotel.

Among the many characters that operate around our heroes , you’ll also find,

Le Guirec, Breton captain , Jean-Pierre, chef in the hôtel de la Côte, Mélanie, saleswoman, Émilie, the villain in the story, JH Le Dantec, a renowned lawyer and his wife and finally, Valentine, the new hotel receptionist.

And of course we mustn’t forget, Alexis Duivel and other important members in The Society


Tome 7 : sur la gamme

Lalie HUBERT, 25 music teacher in a junior high school.

Marguerite ANZERAY, aka Margot, 90 , piano teacher.

Samuel FLORENT, 32, pianist.

Manon FLORENT, 7 , the genius’s daughter .

Hélène FLORENT, 54 , the latter’s mother and grandmother.

Anita DARNA, 26, very nice and devoted prostitute, she’s also a trilingual secretary if you ask for a bill.

Jean HUBERT, 57 , busy surgeon and Lalie’s father.

Catherine HUBERT, 52 , furniture duster. Lalie’s mother.

Mathieu, 31, Samuel’s bestfriend and his daughter’s godfather. he works as a publicist

Simon de MAUSONNEUVE. Doctor. He died 2 years before the beginning of the story. Founding member of The Society. .

Bernard ALIETTE, doctor, fond of young girls.

Julien, 28, teacher at St Haymard high school, funny job.

In this tome you will come across a few important but anonymous members of The Society and also main actors in this network, Lou, Jill, Madame Jeanne., Michel Morel. and of course our dear Alexis Duivel.


Tome 8 : Le premier pas

Frédérique ROCHE , 26 , physiotherapist

Jean-Luc ROCHE, 52 , her father, physiotherapist too

Béatrice, (I decided it was useless to give her a family name), 61, medical secretary.

Stéphane VALLATE, 26 , IT engineer, he works for « Vallate Link Access »

Clément VALLATE, 59 , his father, « Vallate Link Access » CEO

Nicolas FRANSIER, 27, fashion designer. Stéphane’s friend.

Baptiste Saint LANZIN, 28, architect.

Laura VANDEVIEL, 27 , fashion designer and Nicolas’s friend.

Jérémy, 32, delivery man .

Françoise, 54, housemaids with a singing voice.

You’ll also hear about the former Mrs Roche, the former Mrs Vallate, Mr and Mrs Leps and their daughter , Aline, a mysterious Xavier and a lady named Lucie.

Lou, the lovely manager in The Society will make an appearance.

At this precise moment in the saga, you won’t be surprised to find out that all these characters , are the puppets of our incorrigible Alexis Duivel. A certain Daniel might even be mentionned, but just a small mention. We mustn’t take advantage of good things, right ?


Tome 9 : Secrets Diplomatiques

Natalia Saint Morgins, 23. student at the ENA.

Professor Cressier, neurologist in Switzerland.

Bernard Saint Morgins, 57 , former French ambassador in Moscow , currently working at the European Council in Brussels

Svetlana Kovaliovskaïa, 52 , Bernard Saint Morgins’s wife. Daughter of a former Russian Minister.

Vladimir Saint Morgins, 31, Marketing director for a very famous sport items ‘s brand . He likes letting go of his towel in front of people.

Nicolas Briestre. 27 , student at the ENA, close to Claude Lanstier.

Julie, 26 , student at the ENA. Natalia’s friend.

Solenne , 25 , accountant and fond of the different ways to practise horse riding .

In this tome, you’ll see again Lou-Anne Mesnil, who is at the top of La Société and we also get to see Liam Lenoir, her partner, Madame Jeanne, Bertrand, and Jill will also be back. We’ll also talk about Claude Lanstier, about his personal secretary named Etienne, about an enigmatic young woman, about a journalist. Of course the staging in « Secrets Diplomatiques » is led by our dear Alexis Duivel himself.

Tome 10 : Paris New York

– David Hertman, 33 , international correspondant.

– Bernard Hertman, 63, Press tycoon. CEO for Hertman Medias Group. David’s father.

– Victoire Hertman, journalist student. Died when she was 19, that is to say 5 months before the beginning of our story.

– Soizic Oliveti, 58, Bernard Hertman’s ex wife, David and Victoire’s mother. She got maried a second time to an italian man.

– Mireille, 61, Bernard Hertman’s personal secretary.

– Mélissa Sauzon, 25, trainee student at Hertman MediasGroup, former student at the ESJ Paris.

– Mia, 24 . Travestite and dancer. Member in the Société’s network.

– Xavier Delrochas, 33, reporter specialized in people’s gossips.

– George, Duivel’s butler.

– Claude Lanstier, Likely and favourite candidate for the Presidential election. Former minister

– Etienne Pinantski, 42 , Claude Lanstier’s secretary and henchman

This tome puts a final end to the series. We ‘ll see a lot of former memorable characters we got to know in the previous tomes. I won’t write a detailed recap , the list would be too long and I’d like you to be surprised by discovering them while you’re reading it, and I hope it will be pleasurable.


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