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Au bonheur de ces dames


Official French Release
OCTOBER 15 2015

Jérémy, 18 years old, leaves his protective and cozy nest in his Norman countryside to start brilliant literary studies in Paris.
So it’s obvious for this young man who is fond of reading to be irresistibly attracted to the ancient bookshop that is located just under his windows, on the opposite side of the street
Intimidated, uncertain, he’s waiting but finally decides to push the door.
The ringing of a bell, the creaking of a wooden floor as you walk in, the smell of wood, thousand and thousand of books and at the head of this timeless shop , a person he wasn’t expecting to see there .
One look to Claudia, the voluptuous librairian who is hiding behind the shelves, was necessary to definitively change the life of this young virgin provincial
Fascinated by this mysterious woman who proposes to transform him into a real man, Jérémy submits himself to her, body and soul, with a slow and delicious initiation to the sexual pleasures .
However entering Claudia’s universe also means accepting the many rules and secrets there seems to be .
As he is penetrating his sulfurous lover’s intimacy, Jérémy understands he is participating to a dangerous and sensual process.
But he isn’t sure if he wants to submit to it or not. On the contrary, his insatiable desire to learn leads him , a Zola’s novel under his arms, to ask for more. Risking maybe to jeopardize his future.

Traduction : Aurélie

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